Football is a popular sport all across the world. The players of football need speed and direction for giving the best performance. The skills are necessary for better performance. Simultaneously a pair of shoes helps the players to perform better.

Here, we will focus on 5 things to consider before buying a football shoe.

football shoes

  • Surface

Mainly, football shoes are designed according to the surface of the ground. The types of surfaces are dry with natural grass, soft or muddy with natural grass, hard surface with synthetic grass, smooth or PVC cement surface, and outdoor synthetic or artificial turf surface. Each surface of ground needs different types of shoes; Changeable studs for soft grounds, Moulded studs for dry ground, Astro soles for hard ground, Non-marking soles for smooth and synthetic ground. These shoes give proper grip and direction in the field.

  • Position

The football players improve their skills for playing in a particular position. Hence, the position is one of the crucial factors to consider before buying the best football shoes in India specifically. The defender or goalkeeper should require a sturdy shoe to enhance stability and grip. Forward and winger players should need lightweight or light studs shoe to improve accuracy and rapid acceleration. Central midfielder and wing back players should require a medium heavyweight shoe for accurate passing and shooting.

  • Size

The shoe size is essential before buying the right pair of football shoes. The perfect fit for shoes is important for players’ feet. But the size may vary from brand to brand. So, it is best to go to a shop and take a trial to choose comfortable shoes. According to the foot’s arch, the shoes are designed like Cushioning boot for high arch players, Stability boot for regular arch players, and Motion control boot for flat arch players.

  • Material

The material of the shoe reflects the quality of the shoe. The material gives comfort and makes shoes durable with proper support of the player’s ankle, forefoot and midfoot. The upper portion of shoes is made of two types of Leather material that is more flexible and comfortable for feet. Synthetic material provides more comfort to feet and makes shoes durable. Cleats have two types; Molded cleats for harder turf surface and Detachable cleats for both dry, and hard surfaces.

  • Budget

The shoes’ budget depends on such factors; material of the shoe, number of cleats in the shoe, size, brand, and the type of cleats used in the shoe. The studs with lightweight are expensive rather than regular sole shoes. The high number of cleats helps for better grip and enhance speed. The price increases according to the number of cleats. Synthetic leather shoes are more expensive than regular leather shoes. Different brands are there in the market with various price tags.

Here are all the 5 things to consider before buying a football shoe. These attributes describe shoes’ significant characteristics to enhance the player’s ability, performance, skills, and protection from injuries. Overall, the comfort of feet is essential for the players to accelerate their speed.