A ceiling fan is an important home appliance to buy when you shift to a new home or want to fix them to the existing house. If you are in a country like India, without ceiling fan it is difficult to survive at least through the summer. So, buying and fixing a ceiling fan in your home has become a necessity. With this necessity, comes different variety of ceiling fans beyond your imagination. Selecting from these many choices is also a difficult task if you do not know what to look at. Among the other things that you look at, checking the blades is also crucial. Because, blades are designed to be specific for different tasks. Some blades are designed to entirely place them outdoors while some are designed to add beauty to your interior. Others are designed to save energy. So, when you look at ceiling fans, it is important to check the blade shape, purpose, type and number of blades used.

When it comes to number of blades used in preparing the ceiling fan, usually most of the people feel that the more the number of blades are, the more it is useful for the air flow. For instance, you might think that a five blade ceiling fan works efficiently and produces more air than a 4 blade or 3 blade one. Also, some feel that more blades can save them from cooling costs. This is merely a misconception. The truth is if a ceiling fan has more blades, it doesn’t produce more air or work efficiently. In fact, according to some research, more blades can cause the ceiling fan to work less efficiently. However, they produce less noise. But with less blades like 3 or 2, the air circulation is better with more cooling effect. This might be accompanied with some noise which is negligible. Also, industries who use turbines, use fans with 2 blades to produce maximum effect. The motor inside the ceiling fan also plays the major role in making the fan work properly. The blade width is also important. The one with longer blade produces comfortable soft air while the short ones produce the direct air flow. So, a bigger blade fan is suitable for larger room and smaller blade for smaller rooms. However, the motor is the one that decides the power of air flow. For rooms with low or medium ceiling heights, fans often produce good airflow with normal speeds. For higher ceiling heights, rods may be used to bring the ceiling fan to the optimum height.

With this article, you might be clear that ceiling fans with more blades doesn’t mean that they are more efficient. Having an ideal number like 3 blade is good option for your home for the required cooling effect. However, if you wish to have ceiling fans for décor or adding grandeur to your interior rather than airflow, more number of blades give you that kind of look. Now that you are clear on this part, the next time you want to buy a ceiling fan, clear your mind about the misconception that more number of blades add efficiency.