Mosquito’s bites can leave red and itchy marks on the baby’s skin. Also, other small insects and bugs can cause skin irritation. Adults easily get rid of these insects by using a repellent cream. But many have confusion on whether the mosquito repellent cream is safe or not safe for the baby’s skin. So, in this article, you can see some of the safe repellent creams for both adults and babies.

The need for using mosquito repellent on babies

With the help of repellent creams, you can protect your baby from harmful mosquitoes 24*7. Mosquito bites are highly dangerous as they can cause malaria and dengue. Also, these bites can cause itchiness, skin irritation and allergies on the soft baby skin. Therefore, safeguard your baby from life-threatening diseases by using the mosquito repellent creams.

Mosquito Repellent Cream

How safe are the mosquito cream for babies?

The mosquito repellent creams for babies come in various forms and types. Some creams can be harmful to the babies’ health and skin. But some creams are completely safe for adults and babies. Let us see the safe mosquito cream type available for babies.

The mosquito repellent lotion 

The lotions are convenient, portable and safe. Many mothers prefer the mosquito repellent lotion to protect their babies from disease-spreading mosquitoes. This lotion is very smooth and provides moisturizing effects on the baby’s skin. The mosquito repellent lotions are made from tropical ointments, essential oils and gentle repellents. Also, they can protect the baby from flies, bugs and insects.

If your baby has visible mosquito bite marks, then this lotion can reduce the marks. However, the lotion with DEET and Picaridin ingredients are not suggested for babies under the age of two. The repellent lotion can be applied to the baby’s face by avoiding the entire mouth and eye area. Therefore, the natural mosquito repellent lotions are very safe for both adult and baby use.

The mosquito repellent spray 

The mosquito repellent sprays are very effective to get rid of mosquitoes. The active ingredients in the spray can give protection for long hours. Some of the sprays contain some harsh mosquito-killing compounds and vaporizers. Sprays can give quick protection against the mosquito. Some of these sprays do not suit the soft and sensitive baby skin. However, there are numerous body repellent sprays for babies. The parent can spray the repellent on their hand and can gently apply it on the baby’s skin. Also, choose a gentle and herbal mosquito spray for babies. You can buy a mosquito repellent spray for the baby from a clinician.

The natural insect repellents 

There are a plethora of natural insect repellents for babies available in the market. They come with DEET free ingredients. Many homemade and ayurvedic shops have natural insect repellents for babies. Most of the natural repellents contain ingredients such as lemon eucalyptus oil, cedar and rosemary. They are just a natural composition of natural ingredients to fight bug and insect bites. This repellent is the safest option on the list.


The repellent cream, lotion or oil is safer than mosquito coil, vaporizers and foams. Choose the right repellent cream to provide extra protection for the baby from mosquito bites.