If you have a newborn baby at home it is very important to know his actual weight. Although most of the babies start to lose weight soon after birth soon they begin to put the same in ounces. However, within six months the babies have the tendency to gain weight on a weekly basis. Thus, it is very vital to check the weight from time to time. It is presumed that within one year a baby should gain three times of his birth weight. To keep the exact track of the baby weight one can keep a weight machine at home or can check it at the doctor’s chamber from time to time. You should go for a good baby weighing scale.

Use of baby scale at home:

You should always look for a baby scale that is sturdy, strong and accurate. There should also be a tray or any types of an indentation that should be safe for the baby. They should feel comfortable on that tray. In addition to this, there should not be any other rough or sharp edges on the tray that may hurt them. You should also look for a tray that has a capacity of at least 40 lbs or 18 kg. if you want you can also buy scales through online mode. There are baby scales that are digital and colourful you can opt for that.

Check the scale to zero:

It is also important to see that the scale is reading 0. No matter whether it is digital or analogue it should be always at 0. It is better to first place the blanket on the scale and then place the baby on it. Once all these things are over just switch on the weight machine and you will get the exact weight.  On the other side, the moment you get the baby weight simply note it down somewhere. Now this will help to keep the exact track of the baby weight. There is nothing to worry if there are no such improvements in weight. It is important to see that the baby is active and fine.

Weighing baby with you:

Another important way of taking the weight of the baby is to first weigh yourself and then take your baby and stand on the weight machine. This will help you to know the exact weight of the baby and that too very easily. This process is very precise and cost-effective at the same time.  Most importantly, the baby should be naked just at the time of taking weight. There are many people who also try to take the weight of the baby at doctors chambers.

It can be well assumed from the above-discussion that weight of a baby is very important. If your baby is over-weight it should be controlled as soon as possible because it is the obesity that causes a lot of problems. There are some dietary changes that should also be followed to keep your little one active and healthy according to the age.