An electric kettle is one of the basic appliances available for households. Boiling and heating tasks become simple when using a smart kettle. If you are a coffee or tea addict, then you would surely need an electric kettle. They are the best appliances to make tea and coffee effortlessly. This supreme guide will help you to choose the best electric kettle in India.

Features to look for in an electric kettle

  1. Consider the speed

The main purpose of electric kettle is to make hot beverages very quickly. The speed of an excellent electric kettle is amusing. If you want to speed up the daily coffee and tea making routine, then there is no other better option than purchasing an electric kettle. The kettle can boil the water in about 3 to 4 minutes. There are also electric kettles in India that can prepare a tea of coffee within 90 seconds. To find the best electric kettle with the ultimate speed, you need to choose a reliable manufacturer.

  1. The smart temperature settings

Tea and coffee lovers expect proper and precise taste. To make coffee or tea in your way you can adjust the temperature. The electric kettle with smart temperature setting provides consistent results. Also, the different temperature is required to brew black, milk, green and yellow tea or coffee. Therefore, choose an electric kettle that comes with many temperature settings. Be careful about the low-quality electric kettle as they will not offer versatile temperature options.

  1. The right size

You can buy the right sized electric kettle in India by deciding your requirement. Also, consider the capacity of the kettle. If you need to brew one or two cups of hot beverage every day, then a compact-sized kettle is perfect. However, there are also electric kettles that serve many tea or coffee cups. By deciding your use and need, you can find the perfect size.

  1. The design and appearance

There are both basic and fancy electric kettles available in the Indian market. If you want to choose an appealing model, then there are tons of fancy kettles available. You can also get cordless and cord electric kettles. The design of the kettle includes the main feature that is the ease of use. A basic electric kettle is very easy to use and maintain. However, the high-end models can be appealing but quite complex to use.

  1. The material and durability

Durability is the main feature when choosing any electric appliance. It is wise to purchase a kettle that sustains for longer years. Some think that durable kettles are very expensive. However, you can easily get a durable electric kettle at affordable rates. When considering the durability, you need to pay attention to the material used. Plastic kettles are less durable, but you can get glass, metal and stainless steel kettles.

  1. The cost and extra features

Price is the main priority when purchasing a top-class kettle. You may need to pay a bit more to get a high end and smart electric kettle. However, this can be a great purchase in the long run as the electric kettle comes with extended life. Therefore, always choose a slightly expensive model that comes with great material, speed and smart features.


By considering the above features, you can find the best electric kettle in India. More than anything, pick a kettle that suits your requirement.