Jewellery is something that keeps changing with time and there is no consistency with the type of designs that come in. Fashion is ever changing and there are new designs that come in all the time. Keeping up with the trend is necessary for getting attention and also letting your fellow people know how you know about the current trends that are on.  now a days both silver earrings for women and ear cuffs are trending. The best way to learn is by learning from the correct website about the trends that are going on right now. There are several new jewellery and earrings that are the top trends in 2020.

 Women Jewellery

  • Amaira

The Word itself tells you about glory. Amaira means the work of glass mirrors and combining with the jewellery we create a feel of the ancient times when the maharani and the other members of the palace wore it in front of the raja Sahab.

It is particularly said as King or Raja can see himself as a symbol of Love in the Queen and it makes it is one of the best tips for buying women jewellery.

  • Tahira

The old and vintage look creates a feeling of pure and good. Tahira is an inspiration from the Arabic word “Tahir” most commonly used in Muslim families.

It stands for the Paak feeling that purity above all; the Tahira jewellery is the most divine jewellery that makes you look simple at its best with some exotic touch.

  • Moksha

Truly inspired by the Indian God, Shiva or Mahadev, this jewellery will take you to the time of Lord Shiva and give you a feel of a true devotee with the remembrance of ourselves. Indian fashion jewellery in every country is now available for men and women through the internet. These exciting products will take every jewellery lovers breathe completely away.

  • Butterfly

The collection is a mix of colourful wings creating statement pieces, as well as delicate, everyday wear pieces giving the unconventional and quirky look to the wearer adding elegance and mysticism to one’s appearance

This sort of collection is usually consisting of two-colour palettes arranged beautifully in the shades of orange in golden plating & shades of blue in silver plating.

  • Truck Art

One of the most common things seen that truckers in India, are a large number of colours, slogans, and intricately painted symbols that represent the culture of different parts of incredible India.

The collection is inspired by the richly painted exteriors of the trucks. Quirky motifs, vibrant colours with slogans used in day to day activities are combined with Tassels to give the collection a vibrant and extravagant look to each of our jewellery pieces.

  • Rawa Balls

This technique is better known as Rawa’s work which has been a part of Indian jewellery for a long time. Believe it or not, it really got influenced by Indian fashion jewellery. The shape of them is some of the finest.

It’s incredible how tiny granules of precious metal are arranged and soldered together to form gorgeous designs to make the most. It describes the ethnic look, can be carried on any simple occasions