Whether you are a beginner or just want to play the guitar as a hobby, choosing a guitar within a limited budget can be stressful. That is why below are top 5 budget-friendly options in the market to help you get the best one without breaking the bank.


Kadence Frontier Series Guitar, Sunburst

For cost-effective and high performing guitar under 5000 INR, the brand Kadence is the best choice. The overall weight is just 2.95 kgs, and its dimensions are 104×42×12.5 cm. The neat finish of the outer body and the stainless steel string is among the model’s key features. This is a great guitar model for beginners who want to start learning the guitar. The material used here is spruce wood.



Zabel Acoustic Guitar 40 Inches Matt Finish Combo

If you want a sturdy and reliable guitar for beginner level’s music, then this is a wonderful choice. The body of the guitar consists of a special type of wood called truss wood. This facilitates good adjustments while you play the music. The model has lightweight and 6 strong strings. The design of this model will help you to practice high notes on the board. The model comes with a cover, strap, and sturdy picks.


Kadence Frontier Black Acoustic Guitar Combo

This another model from the same Kadence brand is great if you want to play all sorts of music. This pocket-friendly model’s material is spruce wood, and it has 8 strings made of stainless steel. This acoustic guitar weighs around 3.03 kg which makes it an ideal choice for beginners. The size of the model is 115.6×49.2×13.5 centimetres. This beautiful guitar comes with a sturdy bag and 3 picks. If you want a complete package, then this one is the right choice for you.


Jixing 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar Red Sunburst

This model has a combination of 18 frets and 6 strings to give elegant music at high volume. The size of this guitar is 38 inches, and the fingerboard has linden wood. The guitar is lightweight, weighing only 1.5 kgs. The strings’ material is nylon. The model’s affordability and durability go hand in hand. The pack comes with an extra bag, string, and 3 picks.


Juarez Acoustic Guitar with Bag Strings Pick & Strap

For durable and high-performing guitars, the recent new brand Juarez manufacturers these models. This model has a 38 inch cutaway with a black glossy finish which makes it look like a masterpiece. It has 18 frets and can play high volume sound. Plastic is used for the bridge, and the strings’ material is nylon. Linden wood is mainly used to make the back, the neck, and the fingerboard of the guitar.


The bottom line

When you want to buy a guitar, it does not mean you have to splurge a lot to get a good model. There are budget-friendly options out there in the market which offers high quality. So, assess your needs and preferences before you buy a good guitar.