Printers are very beneficial for home use. But, many think that home printer and its cartridges are very costlier than they expected. The initial cost of the printer may be low, but the ink and refilling are very expensive over time. Cost-effective printers can benefit you in the long run. When talking about cost-effectiveness, the printer must come with low initial or operating cost. Several printers are available in the affordable price range. If you want to find the most cost-effective printer, then you can consider these important factors.

The types of affordable printers 

The inkjet printer Inkjet printers are the most affordable and reliable appliances available in the market. They come in a variety of cost-efficient designs and models. Some inkjet printers need constant replacement of cartridges. However, some models are considered as the most cost-effective ones. The types of inkjet printers are as follows

  • The multipurpose printer

 There are numerous types of multipurpose printers in the market. They come in different price ranges. You can print, scan and copy with this printer. This versatile printer is very economical.

  •      The photo inkjets 

The photo inkjet is a specially designed printer to make clear and crisp photocopies. There are various options for this photo printer in terms of size and weight. They are a bit expensive due to their premium dye and cartridges.

  •      Single-purpose inkjets 

They are basic printers that can effectively perform any printing task. They can work excellently by printing office and normal documents. Due to their basic features, these are the most cost-efficient printers on the list.

  • The laser printers 

Earlier, laser printers were only used for office use, but today they are very suitable for home printing. This printer provides more option in terms of size, volume, weight and versatility.

  •      The colour laser printers 

If you want to make a good impression in the office, then the colour printers are a perfect choice. With great graphic and colour effects, this printer can save you a lot of money.

  •      The monochrome printers 

The monochrome printers are ideal for non-colour printing. These printers are capable of printing with high speed and efficiency. They come with ink efficient technology. If you want a decent printer for a low price, then the monochrome printer is the right choice.

  • The portable printer 

The compact portable photo printers are very popular. They provide stable and clear outputs at each time of use. This printer is amazingly small for speedy, borderless and high-quality photo print. Also, you can directly print photos in the machine through phone and tablets. With the lightweight and the compact size, these printers are available at a reasonable price.

  • The A3 printer 

For home use, your printer needs to have different printing options. This versatile printer can make copies in different types of paper such as A3, A4 and A5. This printer helps you to save money by offering numerous printing options.


These are the common but cost-efficient printer available for home use. There are reliable brands that provide the above types of printers at a low price. Consider the printer model and choose the right brand.