We all know that a guitar sound is so pleasant to hear. An individual, at some point, might have surely dreamnt of playing a guitar, be it conscious mind or sub-conscious mind. For many beginners it becomes really difficult to figure out that which is the best guitar to start off their musical journey. No worries, this blog bring you the perfect answer to this question.

A Yamaha Guitar

Yamaha, one of the topmost motor brands in India also manufactures different musical instruments. It leaves behind no complains in terms of sound quality. The price range of a Yamaha guitar starts from 7K to 50K. Now, this is simply an individual’s call whether to buy a low priced guitar, a mid priced range guitar or a high priced range guitar. It is very well known that a higher investment will give more sound output. Say for example, a low priced guitar sound output shall be around 8 feet whereas a high priced range guitar sound production shall be around 12 feet. One might say, that the difference is of just 4 feet. But the real answer is, that not only feet distance but the tonal quality of guitar also matters. You get to hear a more pleasant, soothing sound if the investment is high. To add on, the very famous India singer, Arijit Singh also plays a Yamaha guitar, often in his concerts.

A Fender Guitar

Fender, is also one of the finest brands whose guitar price ranges from 9K to 50K. One might have noticed that big western artists such as B.B.King, Eric Clapton etc. play a Fender guitar in their concerts. A Fender guitar has always been recommended by top western singers. A high priced Fender guitar gives outstanding sound amplification but one might be a little disappointed if a low priced ranged is bought. The other competitors in the low range, are much better than a Fender Guitar (For e.g. Pluto, Yamaha etc.). Thereby, a Fender guitar is suitable for the ones who are looking for a high quality sound quality output by investing a big budget.

Other Local Guitars

If you are the one who want to do a minimal investment without caring about the brand, then is advisable that you do a minimum investment of 3.5K and go for a Signature Topaz Model. You get to hear a superb sound quality and the bass string notes are sooting to the ears. The other competitors namely, Kadence, Intern, Juarez etc would not be of quality finish in low price range. The fret board and bass note sound shall produce bold and weird output if you are looking for a non-brand guitar in least budget. To conclude, it is advisable that a range of around 5K shall be the best for guitar beginners. One needs to go for a Signature or Yamaha brand guitar between 5K to 7K in order to start off a long run musical journey.