An air fryer is an appliance that fries food items without using oil. Many food items such as French fries, fish, nuggets, chips, etc. need to be fried in oil. But an air fryer circulates very hot air around the food item, which fries it. The temperature of the hot air can be as high as 200 degrees C. A fan generates the hot air. Hot air imparts the same crunchy outer layer to the food as is obtained by frying in oil. Knobs to control temperature and time of cooking are present on the air fryer.

Air fryers have numerous benefits, but there are also some disadvantages which one must be familiar with.

Benefits of Air Fryer

Low-calorie food: Air fryers are highly suited for health-conscious people who want to reduce their calorie intake without compromising on the taste of their favorite fried food items. Fried food items contain excess oil, which naturally makes them replete with cholesterol and fat. The air fryer uses very little or not even a single drop of oil to fry food items. Oil content is reduced by as much as 80%. Thus, air fryers are nothing short of a boon for health freaks.

Cheap to use: A lot of oil is required for traditional frying. Cooking oil is not cheap, and frequently frying various food items uses up oil quickly, requiring you to purchase more cooking oil. This problem is eliminated by using an air fryer because little to no oil is required for frying in an air fryer. In addition, air fryers do not take much time to warm up, which saves power. The power rating of an air fryer is almost the same as that of an oven or microwave.

Easy to clean: Air fryers do not require much cleaning as compared to conventional oil fryers. This is because a very little amount of oil is used. In fact, the amount of oil used by an air fryer doesn’t even come close to the oil used by a traditional fryer.

Versatility: Air fryer is not limited to frying. Apart from frying, it can bake, steam, and roast food items. Many models of air fryers can also be used to make grill sandwiches.

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Disadvantages of Air Fryer

Not suited for large families: Air fryers are suitable for cooking food for small families consisting of about 4 members. Thus, they are not viable for large families because it is not possible to cook food for the entire family in one batch.

Long cooking time: The cooking time of an air fryer is much longer as compared to conventional frying. If conventional frying takes 5-10 minutes for thoroughly frying food items, an air fryer usually takes 15-20 minutes for the same.

Risk of burning food: Air fryers use very hot air to fry the food. The high temperature of the air circulating around the food can burn it if one is distracted even for a few seconds. Thus, a high level of alertness is required while operating an air fryer.

Expensive: Air fryer costs much more than a conventional deep fryer. The ability to produce crispy food items without excess oil is the major reason for the high price.