Most house owners have kitchen chimneys installed in their homes as it is very helpful in keeping the kitchen area smoke free and oil-free. These are available in a host of colors and styles, and they are sure going to add a degree of sparkle to the interior decor of the kitchen. However, when you are out to buy one, there are several things that you should keep in mind. The first and foremost thing is that you should learn a bit more about the different types of chimneys that are old in the market.

Types Of Chimney Based On The Filter Used

Carbon Filter Chimneys

This is also referred to as a Charcoal filter as it has black charcoal in it. Chimneys with these filters are very effective in getting rid of strong odors. This filter is optional. The only thing you have to remember is that these filters need to be changed twice a year as the smoke and oil particles reduce the power of the suction.

Baffle Filter Chimneys

These filters have a structure with multiple curves. As the air moves through the filter, the direction gets changed. When this happens, the smoke particles and heavy grease get pulled into the baffle filter. The good part is that even if the filter is saturated with oil and grease, the performance is not hindered in any way. Chimneys with this filter are best suited for Indian foods that have a lot of spice in them. The filters can be washed every three months, and they do not require any special maintenance. Chimneys with these filters installed can run for a long time.

Cassette Filter Chimney

This is made of strong aluminum mesh. The mesh has enough space between them to allow air to pass through. With time the performance of the filters will drop as they tend to get clogged. So they need to be taken out and given a good washing every week. This is the only downside of chimneys with these filters.

Broader Categories Of Kitchen Chimneys

The kind of chimney that you are going to purchase will depend on the space available in your kitchen area. Here are the five broad categories that you can choose from.

Corner Kitchen Chimneys

These chimneys are typically installed at the corner within the kitchen. These are not difficult to install at all.

Kitchen Chimneys That Are Built In

These chimneys are typically integrated within the wood furniture of the kitchen. The process of dismantling is very difficult.

Island Chimney

In this particular model, the chimney is suspended from the ceiling and is located right above the cooking top.

Chimney That Is Mounted On The Wall

This particular type of chimney is attached to the wall and the cooktop. The hob is located at an adjacent position to a wall.

Chimneys With Auto Clean Features

This is by far the most popular type of chimney, as it requires very little maintenance. This is equipped with a unique technology that permits the unit to keep itself super clean. This chimney also reduces the presence of oil particles and grease on its surface.

So, these are the types of chimneys that you should know about before you go and make any purchases. There are many brands in the market, and their prices vary to a great degree. You have to figure out how much you want to spend and what your requirements are before you decide to buy one.