Unlike normal shoes, safety shoes are all about safety rather than looks and style. Wearing the correct type is quite essential when your job requires a level of safety. Protecting your feet is mandatory, especially if you work in a hazardous environment. Such shoes are reliable and durable, keeping your feet shielded from accidents.

Many people ignore safety shoes, thinking that they are uncomfortable and expensive, and buy cheap low-quality shoes. But there are many manufacturers who design safety shoes that are comfortable and affordable.

There are different types of safety shoes for different jobs. This article will help you understand them.

  • Safety-toed shoes

It is a common type which has a special covering for the toe area. The covering for toes to protect it from mishaps and unexpected accidents is with sturdy material.

Workers in factories and mills where heavy industrial equipment and materials are present, usually choose this type of safety shoes.

  • Steel insole shoes

This type uses steel inserts which helps to keep the foot shielded from joint problems caused by the shoes. They are people who push pedals, drive heavy trucks, and ride bikes. They help to keep the foot stabilized and also prevent the feet from shifting too much. Even bone problems are prevented with this type. Though it has steel inserts, it is the most comfortable type of safety shoes.

  • Metal Instep footwear

This type makes sure that the feet remain shielded from outside injuries, harmful objects, and accidents. The design of these shoes is specific for safeguarding the feet from pointy and sharp objects. They include glass pieces, metal objects, and nails. Workers in industrial factories, who usually deal with huge machinery wear this type. They work by stopping the penetration of sharp objects, which otherwise can cause harm.

  • Metatarsal Shoes

They are a special type of safety shoes which is specific for shielding the upper part of your foot and bones. It can reduce and even prevent the injuries that occur because of large equipment drops or falls on the feet. So, these shoes protect your feet from them both internally and externally. Generally, people working in construction sites who do a lot of lifting wear this type of safety shoes.

  • Electric hazard shoes

This kind is for people who deal with wiring, circuits, and high voltage machinery. The sole of the shoe is specifically designed to lower the potential of getting an electric shock. The most common causes of death that are job-related are electric hazards.

In conclusion

These are the basic types of shoes available in the market. Along with these models, other types with different specificity are there. For example, safety shoes with resistance to water or heat are also made. Slip resistance is another type used predominantly by firefighters.

With all these safety shoes out there, one thing is clear. It is always better to be safe than sorry. And that is why it has become mandatory to have safety shoes according to your job.