There are both single and double door refrigerators available in the market. A double door refrigerator, as the name suggests, has two doors. One door covers the compartments of the refrigerator and maintains the temperature between 0 and 10 degrees centigrade while the other door covers the freezer and maintains it a lower temperature as compared to the compartments. Double door refrigerators have both advantages as well as disadvantages. It would help if you weighed in both these factors in the context of your specific requirements before purchasing a double door refrigerator.

Both the advantages and disadvantages associated with double door refrigerators have been discussed here.


There are two separate doors in a double door refrigerator. This ensures that you do not need to open the main door of the refrigerator to access the freezer and vice versa. 2 doors also ensure the minimum escape of heat even when the refrigerator is opened frequently.

The capacity of double door refrigerators ranges between 235 and 495 liters. Due to high capacity, a large number of items can be easily accommodated into the refrigerator. Large shelves are also present in a double door refrigerator, which enables easy storage of even large-sized vessels and bottles. Double door refrigerators are highly suited for large families consisting of 4-5 or more members.

The freezer compartment is larger as compared to the freezer in a single door refrigerator. Large size means more items can be stored in the freezer.

The cooling effect in double door refrigerators is high due to frost-free cooling technology used in them. Frost-free cooling, as the name suggests, does not require ice to cool. Instead, cooling is done by electric fans, which evenly distribute cool air throughout the refrigerator. Thus, double door refrigerators are capable of preserving a large number of food items in fresh condition for twice the period as opposed to single door refrigerators.


Double door refrigerators are an unnecessary waste of money for small families as they are designed for large families. For small families consisting of 2-3 members, there is no need for large-sized double door refrigerators. Since double door refrigerators have high capacities, they are not useful for people who do not need so much space.

The power consumption of double door refrigerators is high. Due to its high capacity, the energy expended for cooling is also high. The frost-free cooling technology used in double door refrigerators consumes 30% to 50% more energy as compared to the technology used in single door refrigerators. Overall, as compared to single door refrigerators, double door refrigerators consume 20% to 30% more energy. This leads to higher electricity bills.

Double door refrigerators are large. Thus, they require a large amount of space in the kitchen or any other location in the house. This is the reason why such refrigerators are not suitable for people having limited spaces.

Double door refrigerators are expensive. The double door refrigerator models with even limited functions cost more as compared to single door refrigerators due to their design and high capacity. Thus, double door refrigerators are not suited for people with small budgets.