In any smart phone, keyboards are the most frequently used feature. You want to Google something, you want to send a message to you loved ones, you want type something you need the keyboard. With so frequently used the stock keyboard that comes inbuilt with your android phones may sometimes become as monotonous as you get tired of seeing and using the same keyboard every single time. Though the inbuilt android keyboards possess all features, the users might get tired of looking at the same keyboard over and over again. All of us love to have personalized and customized things as we feel close to them. The same applies with the keyboards as well. With so many third party keyboards that are available in the Google Play Store, there is no need for one to stick on to the stock keyboard that comes inbuilt in their android smart phones as android allows customization to a great extent.  Download Panda Helper offer a variety of different keyboards that has many new features which you might not find in the inbuilt android keyboards.

Keyboard Apps

What is New In These Keyboard Apps?

Well, there might arise a question in all your minds. While every keyboard has alphabets, numbers and emojis to type, what makes these keyboard apps different? What are the new features found in them which make them different from the stock keyboard? Let me list out a few such distinct features. Keyboard apps for android download will have multilingual keyboards which will enable one to choose the language of his/her choice. If you are a multilingual person, then this feature helps you a lot to text to type in any language that you wish to. The keyboards are quit speedy in nature and comes along with a number of extensions that will help you perform various other things. There are a lot of keyboard apps that makes use of artificial intelligence that helps it predict the next word one wishes to type. This feature takes typing to the next level as the keyboard itself is able to guess and suggest you the next word you intend to type. With this, you need not even type a word while it is auto suggested and all that you have to do is to select the word suggested. Doesn’t this make typing much easier?

Source of Keyboard apps for android download

We live in a world of emojis where you needn’t even type in words what you want to convey to others. These emojis speak volumes of information and they in fact replace the written words. Keyboard apps for android download comes with numerous emojis, emoticons and GIFs which would help one to convey their message and emotion to others just right. Though the stock keyboard provides you emojis, Keyboard apps for android download  has a lot many new emojis with which you need not even type lengthy messages as you will able to convey everything through these creative emojis. The auto correct options are liked by most of the android users and this feature is found in the keyboard apps. Grammar check and spell check are yet other additional characteristics as any grammatical or spelling errors in what type will be auto corrected and there is no need for you to do a second check on your typed message. Punctuations are also taken care of by these keyboard apps which is yet another added advantage.

Apart from all these, Keyboard apps for android download also gives you feature like keyboard undock, resizing the shape and size of the keyboard. If you are a lover of themes and backgrounds, you will have the option to choose from an umpteen number of themes, backgrounds and colours. The app provides themes based on the time of year. For instance, if it is the month of Christmas, you will have a number of themes related to Christmas and New Year. This makes your keyboard very colourful and bright. You will get to have the mood of the festive season and you can celebrate it even with the keyboard.  If at all you do not like the themes that they provide, you also get an opportunity to create your own themes with your imagination as the apps also provide theme and background maker tools. The stock keyboard in your android will give you only one standard font, but however, Keyboard apps for android download give you the chance to choose from a variety of fonts. The message you type becomes beautiful with the beautiful fonts be it normal, bold or italic.

Experience personalized Keyboard apps for android download

The keyboard apps adjust their light and colour tone based on the external light. For instance, when it is in the day time, you will get to experience a brighter colour tone and in the night, the night mode feature gets enabled. You get to select the colour tone manually as well. You might wonder if it is safe to download such third part apps. Keyboard apps for android download are quite safe and their privacy policies are quite sturdy.  While most of such keyboard apps are free to download, you might need to pay to use certain features of the keyboard apps.

Are you tired of seeing the same keyboard in your android mobile phones? Do you feel you need to experience different set of fonts, languages, emojis, themes and backgrounds and other various updated features? Well then Keyboard apps for android download are all that you have to do. With so many keyboard apps for android available in the Google Playstore, you can download the one that has features that you would like to have in your phone keyboard. With Keyboard apps for android download, you will be able to enjoy the updated and the new features that are available in these keyboard applications. What are you still waiting for?  Go and download the best keyboard app and make your monotonous mundane keyboard into a lively new updated one and enjoy using your phone.