The hairdryer is one of the commonly used electronic appliances daily. People use these appliances to get ready for work or styling their hair. There is no doubt in the fact that hair dryers are capable of providing the desired gorgeous look. It is noted that this appliance, which started to be popular among women, is currently trending even among men. Though they are great tools, there are also some side effects present. So, in the following article, both the benefits and side effects of using a hairdryer will be discussed.

Benefits of using a hairdryer

  • The purpose of a hairdryer is to dry the hair efficiently, and it is an alternative to using hand towels. With a hairdryer, the drying time is considerably reduced, and the saved time can be used for other things.
  • The hairdryers are designed to make the hair smooth and shiny. There are many types of hairdryers in the market, and one such type is the ionic hairdryers that give a healthy glow. If they are handled properly, most types will give the same result on the hair.
  • The benefit of the attachments that comes with the hairdryer is for the adjustment according to the different types of hair. Correct utilization of these attachments will result in a beautiful dry hair regardless of the individual’s hair type.
  • They are travel-friendly. Since they come in various sizes, the individual can select a smaller size if travel is often done. Some models give complete control of heat settings to the user.
  • Management of hair is easy once the hair is dried using a good hairdryer like ionic hair dryers. This type makes the hair hydrated, thereby gives a smooth and shiny effect.

Side effects of using a hairdryer

  1. Hairdryers at a high temperature increase the chances of burning and dehydration of hair.
  2. The brightness of the hair is lost if the hairdryer is used frequently.
  3. The texture of the hair gets ruined if the hair is blow-dried daily.
  4. In the long run, the hair gets a matted look.
  5. Generally, they can weaken the threads.
  6. Since they have good chances of drying the natural moisture present in the hair, frizzy hair is quite commonly seen.
  7. The probability of breakage is more.
  8. The hair becomes rough on extensive usage.

Though there are some side effects, the hairdryer is a great tool if used wisely. If the hairdryer is used daily, then the hair will have extensive damages. The best thing is to let the hair dry naturally to retain the natural moisture in the hair. It is better to use hair dryers on the lowest heat settings to avoid possible damage to the hair.

There is evidence proving that the hairdryers are capable of stopping harmful bacteria in the hair and scalp, especially fungal infections and dandruff. But caution is required by the user when handling a hairdryer because with pros it also comes with cons.