There are some steps to be taken to ensure that you obtain a precise reading on your digital Blood Pressure Monitor.

Before taking the reading or Pre-prep:

Several things can raise your BP for a brief period. So ensure that you don’t have the need arises to use a toilet. Do not examine your BP in thirty minutes after smoking or having caffeine.

Put on loose fitted clothes such as a T-shirt that is short-sleeved so that pushing the sleeves up is convenient for you.

Take the same arm every time you take the BP readings, since each arm with providing you somewhat variant reading. Preferably, use the same arm as your doctor/nurse does when monitoring your BP.

Rest for 5 minutes before taking your BP readings. Sit down in a place that is quiet and calm like at a table or a desk. Rest your arm firmly on the surface and place your feet flat upon the floor.

Ensure your arm is rested and supported. Cuff around the arm, and this ought to be at an identical level as your heart. Support the arm using a cushion to make sure that it is at the right elevation. Relax your arm by releasing all the tension.

Taking the Digital BP monitor reading

Keep yourself comfortable and relaxed. Your BP elevates if you are anxious.

When reading is taken, maintain silence and stillness. Reading can impact if you are talking and moving.

Place the cuff by following the pamphlet instructions that are enclosed with the monitor.

A digital BP machine will be equipped with a cuff that is meant to be wrapped around the arm. This cuff is then inflated. This inflation can be done either with a rubber squeeze ball or is done automatically with the help of a push-button.

Once the inflation of the cuff is done, the pressure falls slowly on its own. A digital readout is displayed of your diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

Once the blood pressure is displayed, the deflation of the cuff occurs on its own. One has to wait for around two to three minutes before reusing. This is with most of the machines.

Note 2-3 readings, around 2 minutes spaced from one another. Take an average of the readings. Some find their initial reading to be bigger than the subsequent readings.

Keep monitor on the reading in writing.

Some tips on taking BP readings

Keep precise readings and do not round the readings up or down as it impacts the treatment received.

Don’t be anxious if you see a high reading. Take the reading another time and see the variations. But if the high reading is consistent over time, then check with your nurse or doctor.

Avoid using BP monitor too frequently. Worrying can make your BP high, so do not stress on small changes.

A Digital BP monitor will not be precise when moving while using it. An irregular heartbeat will give an inaccurate reading. Digital BP monitors are the best choice for the majority of individuals