Safety of the toddlers is the primary concern of a parent. We all know that toddlers enjoy their bike rides. In summers we can see toddlers running around in the backyards playing with a tricycle. Tricycles provide good physical exercise that toddlers need for their health and development. But at the same time, it is important to take necessary precautions to keep them safe while cycling the tricycle.

In this article, we have shared a few tricycle safety tips for toddlers.

Six important tricycle safety tips for toddlers

Toddlers love their tricycle; they usually spend hours in the day playing with it. But following certain safety tips is necessary. In this part of the article, we are sharing simple and effective tricycle safety tips for a toddler.

Purchase the tricycle with your baby:

The safety of the toddler playing with a tricycle starts with the purchase. Take your toddler with you at the time of purchase so that he or she can test drive it and see whether they are comfortable playing with it.

Establish a rule at home:

Tell your toddlers that they cannot play with the tricycle unless they wear a helmet. A helmet prevents the toddlers from hurting their head in case they fall off the cycle. Be strict with this rule and do let them get on the tricycle without wearing the helmet.

Supervise a toddler riding a tricycle:

Always make sure that the toddler is supervised while riding a tricycle. Stay close to your toddler when they are riding the tricycle. Toddlers are naughty, and they love exploring new things, sometimes this can lead to accidents. So supervision of toddlers is must while riding a tricycle.

Don’t allow toddlers to ride a tricycle in danger areas:

Tell the toddlers were to ride the tricycle. Avoid all areas that possess some danger like a garage where you park your car, near the swimming pool or front yard that leads to the road.

Make sure the toddler can ride it:

Don’t buy a tricycle for your toddler unless you are sure that they can control it and ride it safely. Many times it happens that when a toddler doesn’t know how to control a tricycle, they tend to bump into cars, walls and people. This is a danger for toddlers as they can easily get hurt.

Pick the right size of tricycle:

When choosing a tricycle for your toddler purchase one that is right in size. Check to see if the toddler can’t pedal the tricycle while comfortably sitting on the seat. In case a toddler cannot reach the pedal, then it is too big for them.

In conclusion

With this, we conclude our article on tips for tricycle safety. Tricycle no doubt offers the best physical exercise for your toddlers. Check for the built, size and safety features of the tricycle before purchasing it as they play a role in the safety of the toddlers.