Treadmills are great tools to burn high calories. It is not a hidden fact that they are heavyweight with a lot of vibrations. That is the one thing many potential buyers get worried about. They wonder whether the weight of the treadmill will damage the flooring of their homes.

The simple and direct answer to that question is – yes it does. But the solution to this problem is also a simple one. Generally, flooring of a home can handle heavy weights. But moving and placing a treadmill permanently on the spot without protection can cause damage to hard or carpeted floors. Keep reading to find out what you can do to avoid this common mistake.

Treadmil 1

Why does it occur?

When you run on a treadmill, the parts of the machine along with its impact, can make the treadmill dent or scratch the hard floor. If you have carpet flooring, the treadmill’s weight can snag or crush the fibres. Over time, the lubricants can spill out and cause a permanent stain on the floor.

How to prevent the damage?

If possible, try to keep the treadmill on a hard concrete floor like the one in the home’s basement. But if you want to use the treadmill machine on the main floor, try using it with a mat, heavy-duty rug, cardboard piece of plywood to protect the flooring. You can use these under the treadmills so that the weight of the machine gets evenly distributed on the flooring.

Some retailers sell treadmill mats for this purpose. You can get one of them to place between the treadmill and the floor.

Treadmill mats

For extra protection, manufacturers recommend using treadmill mats. It a great and effective way to prevent any damage that might occur. It also makes sure that the machine doesn’t move on a slippery floor.

Further, it can also prevent noise from travelling to the whole house from the treadmill. This is because these mats absorb the excess vibrations produced by the treadmill.

These mats are quite thick and are specifically made to absorb the noise vibrations from the treadmill. Other than the floor protection, these mats are quite beneficial to the treadmills also. The unabsorbed excess vibrations can loosen the treadmill’s part causing damage to the machine. To put bluntly, mats can lengthen the lifetime of the treadmills.

A word of caution

Just remember that most treadmill manufacturers won’t reimburse you for the floor damages because of their machine. Suppose if you start to see them, better to take immediate steps to stop further damages. After all, the cost of repairing damaged floors is too high when you compare it with a treadmill mat.

The bottom line

If you walk without shoes, you will get hurt. But does that mean walking itself will hurt you? Not! For anything, the right kind of protection can safeguard from all possible damages. And the treadmill is no different. With a good treadmill mat, you no longer have to worry about your floor.